Monika Fresneda

Monika Fresneda uses over 18 years of combined experience on the field to best serve any patient. She helps you with: a happy smile like never before, regained tooth functionality, and bringing back confidence to any patient, no matter their situation.

  • Monika studied dental prosthetics in Madrid, Spain at the ETEE university. When translated to English, it is the Technical School of Specialty Teachings.
  • She graduated in 1994 and has therefore amassed great amount of technical experience used to best serve you.
  • In January of 2022, she stepped unto the task and took a complex All on 4s implant course.

A Constant Mission to Simplify the Patients Life

Monika has used her complex technical knowledge in the back end to best simplify your life. Learning how to increase denture functionality and implant comfort are some essential steps on the way. Furthermore, she makes being a patient a joy with her comforting service. All of this is done in order to achieve here end goal of adding to your life, instead of subtracting to your life like one might typically believe any dental related person might do.