Juan Francisco Castellanos


Juan Francisco Castellanos

Juan Francisco Castellanos, also known as the everything man has many functions as part of the Coral Dental & Denture family. His contribution is the greatest of them. He created doctor Castellanos whom then created the anything tech. Furthermore, he sacrifices everything. He provides high quality transit services with efficiency. Not only that, but he has discovered how to manage and survive a changing society.

  • He Graduated in Havanah, Cuba in 1972 as a general dentist.
  • He moved into the United States and has been Coral Dental's longest employee, tied with a few others.

A Changing Society

Juan Francisco Castellanos has learned how to manage a changing society. Over his lifetime many things have changed. His impact in Coral Dental and Denture can be seen throughout the staff, especially Dr. Castellanos. His strongest ideals can be discussed through Dr. Castellanos, helping achieve the high quality of standards an care one expects from Coral Dental and Denture.

A Patient Impact

Juan Francisco Castellanos doesn't just make changes that are un-noticable to many, but significant to some. He also has a powerful impact. Using his experience from his graduation in 72', he has extreme dental experience and can therefore give powerful advice and emotional guidance to the rest of the Coral Dental staff. These characteristics combined easily make him one of the most impactful staff members at Coral Dental to further achieve the care, trust, and standards you expect.