Jeancarlo Castellanos

Jeancarlo Eduardo Castellanos Gonzalez has brought many technological contributions at age 12 to Coral Dental and Denture. For instance, he is currently typing out these exact words on this website. He has furthermore aided in every IT technology circumstance to help Coral Dental provide the highest quality services possible.

  • Jeancarlo helps keep the Coral Dental and Denture social presence unto date, although It might be starting to age.
  • Jeancarlo has created his world famous YouTube channel known as: The JeanSpace.
  • At 2, Jeancarlo hacked the founder of Coral Dental's computer in order to buy $+ worth of gum. It is true! Gum is truly revitalizing for your teeth.

Through Thick and Thin

Jeancarlo has aided Coral Dental & Denture through all of its deep situations. He uses his technological mastery to bring forth Coral Dental's goal in every way possible.

A Thirst for Knowledge

Jeancarlo has always had a great thirst for knowledge; I should know that, since I am his mind. Anyways, this thirst for knowledge translates into Coral Dental and Denture. He is always looking to expand his knowledge, and in this instance in all comes back full circle to best serve you.