Juan Castellanos

Juan Carlos Castellanos has brought forth his combined 26 years of experience into the field of dentistry. He has utilized everything he has learned through this experience in order to provide the highest qualities of care and dedication.

  • He graduated in 1996 at the University of Medical Sciences of Pinar de Rio, branch of the University of Havanah.
  • He then became a dental hygienist in the State of Florida during the year 2000.
  • He attended New York University and received his Doctorate DDS degree in the year 2012.

Learning at Every Turn

With 26 years of complex dental experience, one might be inclined to believe that Dr. Castellanos wouldn't want to learn any more and become greater. Fortunately though, that is far from the truth. Dr. Castellanos continues learning advanced procedural strategies to best serve his patients. To serve his patients with care, respect, and reassuring quality is his greatest goal.