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First, Call for Your  Complementary Consultation

It's really that simple all you do is call us and we'll get you setup for your complementary consultation with Dr. Castellanos.


Come in and Receive Your Customized Plan

After we gather an overall picture of your dental needs through CBCT scans, X-Rays, oral health, and what you're looking for, Dr. Castellanos tailors a dental implant treatment for you with many options, putting you in the center.

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Knowing that you are in the right hands, Relax

After you choose the treatment you'd like to follow, typically we can being and sometimes even finish on the day of your consultation with the revolutionary All On X implant technology. If we can't finish on the day of your consultation, Dr. Castellanos will give you a customized plan on how and when we're going to tackle your specific dental situation.

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Common Implant Procedures

Better than insurance! The coral plan is there.

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