Sofia Lacayo

Imagine a front desk operator that is kind, caring, and relatable. This are the three character traits that Sofia embodies the most. Sofia uses her full knowledge to be as helpful as possible. While to the patients she shows her extreme professionalism and care, she and Mayleni manage everything in the back end as it comes to scheduling and management to best serve you.

  • Sofia graduated from New Professions Technical Institute in Miami Fl.
  • She discovered everything about inflows and slight outflows.
  • She uses her knowledge in culmination with her speciality to best provide the highest standards of quality & service.

A Care Changing Experience

At Coral Dental and Denture, Sofia has learned what it truly means to offer kindness, understanding, and sympathy to every patient. She understands patients needs and knows how to manage a situation in the big picture to best serve the patient. She has fully realized the Apple motto of, "You are not the product!" Instead, she realizes that Coral Dental and Denture's service must best suit the patient and their life situation.