Odalis Hernandez

Odalis Hernandez is a dental assistant dream come true. She helps everyone in the office and brings a calming attitude. These two things combined truly lighten the mood of the office and culminate into patients having an incredible time, as a patient should. Not only that, but she helps sterilize everything, which helps keep everything neat and clean.

  • In the 1990s, she graduates in Cuba as a major in economy.
  • Over time, her situation changes and she realizes that she wants to be a dental assistant.
  • In 2009, she makes that dream a reality and becomes a dental assistant at Compu-Med University in Miami, FL.

Being Direct

Odalis in her experience has personally learned that being direct to the patient is best. That is something she does best which further allows you to know exactly that situation at hand and all the possibilities of solution. All of this is done to best elevate a patients experience at Coral Dental and Denture.