Armando Lopez

Dr. Armando Lopez is a dream come true for Coral Dental and Denture's patients. For starters, Dr. Lopez brings a new dental perspective. He also brings impeccable dental quality to Coral Dental and Denture. Furthermore, he allows you to get the high quality from Coral Dental and Denture faster. All of these characteristics combined make him an incredible addition to Coral Dental and Denture, apart from the incredible quality that he offers the patient.

  • Dr. Lopez first graduated in Cuba in the year 2010 as a dentist.
  • Looking to pursue his dental career, he continued and graduated in Boston University as a dentist in 2021.

Work Worthy of A Nights Repose

Dr. Armando Lopez works seamlessly in Coral Dental and Denture. He consistently works hard, but comfortably works in a field he enjoys. The enjoyment of his field of work truly inspires to be better and learn more. Coral Dental and Denture has empowered him to achieve his goals, and he constistenly makes patients happy. At Coral Dental and Denture he has learned many things, but he personally believes that making treatments more straightforward is his plan of action.