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Dental Implants for Cape Coral, FL Patients

The advantages of dental implants make the procedure more than worthwhile. Whether you’re replacing one tooth or your implants will secure a set of dentures to replace your full arch, the function and look of bridges and dentures held with implants are outstanding. Coral Dental & Denture provides patients in Fort Myers, Lehigh, Estero, and Cape Coral, FL with dental implants that are expertly carried out and ensure long-term satisfaction.


Replacing Teeth with Permanent Implants

Implants provide an effective and permanent solution to tooth loss with several benefits that surpass conventional bridges and dentures. At Coral Dental & Denture, we offer the following:

Dentures & Implants

When a full arch of your teeth is missing, you can modify your current denture, get a new conventional denture, delay treatment, or get an implant-retained denture. If your current denture doesn’t fit well, we might be able to make adjustments so it’s functional and comfortable. It may take a reline or a better-fitting denture base. We can also create a new denture for you that will fit well, but shrinkage of the jawbone can cause difficulty chewing and talking, sores and tender spots, and even a change in your appearance. If you delay treatment, your jawbone will continue to degrade because of missing teeth, which will result in a more complex future treatment. Implant dentures stay in the mouth and prevent bone loss in the jaw. They’re not right for everyone, but we can determine the best option for you at a free consultation.

Mini Implants & Dentures

Mini implants can stabilize a loose or uncomfortable denture. These narrow implants allow your denture to snap onto them for a secure hold, but you can also remove the denture when necessary. Mini implants are used to temporarily stabilize a denture while your conventional implants are in the healing process, or they’re used when there isn’t enough jawbone to place conventional implants. The benefits of mini implants include a more stable hold on your denture so you can talk and chew easily, and we can modify your current dentures to attach to these implants. Your dentures will also be removable, making them easier to clean. To discuss this or any of our other options for implants, give us a call today and take advantage of our implants and dentures free consultation.

Bridge Implant Procedure

An implant-supported bridge effectively replaces multiple neighboring missing teeth. With the surgical placement of the implants and attachment of the bridge, an implant stops bone loss and keeps the surrounding teeth from moving out of place. It looks and feels like your natural teeth, and it restores your ability to talk and chew. For the procedure, the first appointment includes thoroughly numbing your mouth and shaping a channel in your jawbone for the implants. Then, we place the implants themselves into the channels. We might also place covers on the implants and stitch the gums closed. Healing might take several months for the implants to fuse to the bone, so placing a temporary bridge is something we may do.

During the second phase, we make small incisions and place an extension on each implant. We then schedule a series of appointments to create your final bridge. The normal regimen includes taking impressions of your mouth to make a bridge that perfectly fits your bite and the implants. When everything is perfect, we secure the bridge to your implants.

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